WGRI Officers and Chairpersons 2019-2020

President:  Mary Brunell 

Vice President:  Janet Cooper

Treasurer:  Gretchen White

Secretary:  Liz Hill

Committee Chairs 2019-2020

Membership: Gretchen White

Educational Grants:  Manon Pelletier

Nominations:  TBD

Show and Tell and Greeter:  Margaret Moone

Hospitality: Liz Hill

Weavers Challenge:  Margaret Moone and Sally Rianhard

Yardage Challenge: Gretchen White

NEWS Reps:  Judy Schaffer and Mary Brunell

Newsletter:  Mary Brunell and Janet Cooper

Community Outreach:  Joy Beeson

Publicity:  Joy Beeson

Website:  Janet Cooper and Mary Brunell

75th Celebration: Norma Smayda and Mary Brunell