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Nilus Leclerc, Tissart 150cm (60”) upright tapestry loom

for sale in Beverly, MA


LeClerc 60” Tissart tapestry loom.  1970’s upright maple loom with 2 shafts, rotating warp and cloth beams controlled by ratchets, and a movable beater with up/down action.  Sectional beam. Two identical sets of treadles have been added to the original set to make weaving wide tapestry easier.   Original instruction book.  This Tissart is intact and is working.  It comes with three reeds: 6, 8,  and 10 dent. There is a 10 yard 10/5  linen warp on the loom and extra linen warp yarn.  The Tissart was called the “loom for artists” because the weaver can stand or sit in front of it and view the vertical weaving as s/he works.  (This loom is no longer produced. However, LeClerc’s Gobelin tapestry loom is similar and is sold new for a base price of $4060.)   (68” W, 69“ H, 32” deep- away from wall, 24” D at base). Photos available.

asking $1600

Keep your shuttle singing!

Barbara Herbster



Items for Sale

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