janet austin

NEWS 2007 Second Place Gallery, Tapestry

NEWS 2007 NEWS Overall Judges Choice

NEWS 2007 Sponsored Awards, Helen Klekot: Art Form (Wall Hanging or Tapestry), Second Place

NEWS 2015 Sponsored Awards, Chris Hammel: Well Executed Warp or Weft Face or Transparency, “Over Block Island”

kate barber

NEWS 2013 First Place Gallery, Rugs, “Twill Rug”

NEWS 2013 NEWS Overall First Time Entrant, “Twill Rug”

lida b. cavanaugh

NEWS 2013 Sponsored Award, Maine Heritage Weavers: Excellence in Historical Inspiration or Reproduction, “The Making of Memories'‘

lisa geigen

NEWS 2017 Second Place Gallery, Table Runners and Placemats 8 Shafts and Under,

'“Lisa’s Surrender'“

mary ann kistner

NEWS 2017 First Place Gallery, Rugs Under 6’ Long, “Bob’s Folly”

NEWS 2011 Second Place Gallery, Scarves: 8 Shafts or more, “Mardi Gras”

NEWS 2011 Sponsored Award, PRO Chemical: Best Use OfHand Dyed Fibers, “Mardi Gras”

NEWS 2007 First Place Gallery, Shawls

NEWS 2007 Sponsored Awards, American Textile History Museum Best in Silk

NEWS 2011 Sponsored Awards Weavers Guild of Boston: Dorrie Burton Award for Excellence in Weaving, “Ice Crystal”

Manon Pelletier

NEWS 2019 First Place in Dress category, Fashion Gallery, "Connected Creation"

WGRI 2019 "Norma Smayda Guild Leadership Award", WGRI June Annual Meeting

Convergence 2018 Second Place, Fashion Gallery, "Bands of Northern Lights" Collaborated with Inge Dam

NEWS 2017 Best in Fashion Show, First Place Tops, "Fall Fest"

NEWS 2015 Fashion Show Tunics, collaborated with Norma Smayda. First Place and Handweavers Guild of America Awards. "Indian Spice"

NEWS 2005 Tied First Place Best in Show, First Place Yardage, First Place Monochromatic weave, First Place Meticulous Weaving, First Time Entrant, "Window To Summer"

sally rianhard

NEWS 2013 First Place 3-D Objects Gallery Award, “Penelope the Weaver”

NEWS 2013 Sponsored Award, Lexington Weavers Guild; Most Creative Piece, “Penelope the Weaver”

NEWS 2011 First Place Rugs Gallery Award, “H is for Henry”

NEWS 2011 Second Place Wall Hangings Gallery Award, '‘Marshfield in MUD Season”

NEWS 2011 Sponsored Award, Halcyon: First Time Entrant at NEWS, “H is for Henry”

Judy SChaefer

NEWS 2015 Fashion Show Vests, collaborated with Norma Smayda. First Place and Judges' Choice Awards. "Homage to Anne Sophie"

NEWS 2017 Second place Fashion Show Award in Vests, “Fibonacci Folly”
2011 “Transition Series” Jewelry October, Honorable Mention Members Juried Show, Portsmouth Arts Guild

Norma Smayda

NEWS 2019 Gallery Award First Place Wall Hanging, “Castle Wall”

Constance Gallagher Award, For excellence in one or more of the following areas: Linen weaving, teaching, research, or meticulous craftsmanship, by Weaver’s Guild of Boston, 2019

The Norma Smayda Guild Leadership Award was established in 2017 by Weavers Guild of Rhode Island at the 70th Anniversary Celebration

NEWS 2015 Fashion Show Tunics, collaborated with Manon Pelletier. First Place and Handweavers Guild of America Awards. "Indian Spice"

NEWS 2015 Fashion Show Vests, collaborated with Judy Schaefer. First Place and Judges' Choice Awards. "Homage to Anne Sophie"

Handweavers Guild of America Award for Creativity and Craftsmanship: 2015 

New England Weavers Seminar Judges Choice Award 2015

Weaver of Distinction, New England Weavers Seminar:  2007

Distinguished Achievement Award,  Weavers Guild of Boston:  1992

Award of Excellence, Handweavers Guild of America:   2007, 1997

New England Weavers Seminar Juried Exhibitions: 2015, 2013, 2007, 2003, 1999, 1997, 1995, 1991, 1989, 1985, 1983, 1981, 1977, 1975 

Handweavers Guild of CT Exhibitions:  2007, 1997, 1984, 1983, 1981, 1979

Weavers Guild of RI Exhibitions:  2004, 2003, 1994, 1992, 1991, 1990, 1989, 1988, 1987, 1976

Weaving For the Home, Interweave Press: 2003, 1992, 1989

Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum Exhibitions:  2007, 1984

Ginny Walsh        

 NEWS 2019 Second Place 8 Harness  Weave and New Hampshire Weavers’ Guild Prize Celebrating Late Members (Those members are Harriet Mitiguy, Barbara Bennett, Barbara Cowdry,

Claire Wanebo      

NEWS 2019 Best First Time Entrant Fashion