Weavers Guild of Rhode Island Minutes

Room:  North Kingstown Library

September 8, 2018

Call to order

Mary Brunell called the meeting to order at 9:34 am. Meeting started with thanks to the last year’s officers and chairs, an introduction of the new executive committee, new committee members, new members, and visitors.

Thanks to our Officers and Chairs of 2017-2018 

President: Janet Cooper

Vice President: Mary Brunell

Treasurer: Gretchen White

Secretary: Joy Beeson

Committee Chairs 2017-2018

Educational Grants: Manon Pelletier

Nominations: Norma Smayda

Show and Tell and Greeter: Margaret Moone

Weavers Challenge: Margaret Moone and Sally Rianhard

NEWS Reps: Linda Rhynard and Ginny Walsh

Newsletter: Lisa Geigen

Hospitality: Jennie Dean-Howes

Website: Pam Rathmell, Janet Cooper and Mary Brunell

Welcome to New Officers for 2018-2019

President: Mary Brunell

Vice President: Lynn Morriseau

Treasurer: Gretchen White

Secretary: Elizabeth Hill

Welcome to New Committee Chairs for 2018-2019

Educational Grants: Manon Pelletier

Nominations: Sally Rianhard

Show and Tell and Greeter: Margaret Moone

Weavers Challenge: Margaret Moone and Sally Rianhard

NEWS Reps: Ginny Walsh and Anne Richardson

Newsletter: Cat Weeks

Publicity: Joy Beeson

Hospitality: TBD

Website: Janet Cooper and Mary Brunell


Welcome to New Members

Beth Andrews, Barbara Legg


The Guild received thank you letters from both the North Kingstown Library and Clark Memorial Library for the donations made by the guild for using their rooms last year.

A property list of what the guild owns is being put together.  Please let Mary Brunell know what you may have.  We need to archive this information.

We do not have a hospitality chair.  If you are interested in filling that role, please tell Mary Brunell.  Janet Cooper has the box of supplies for this function and will pass it along to the person who takes this on.

Planning for the 75th anniversary is underway.  Mary Brunell and Norma Smayda will Co-Chair the event.  Mary Brunell asked the group if they would like a different venue from the 70thcelebration.  The response was unanimous for the same venue, the Narragansett Beach Club.  We will call them to confirm a reservation.

Minutes from the June Meeting

Janet Cooper made a motion that we accept the minutes from the June meeting as written.  Seconded and approved by the membership.


WGRI Program Report by Lynn Morriseau

The program for the Guild’s meetings are posted on the WGRI website and fall newsletter.  In October we will discuss Bertha Gray Hayes.  Janet Cooper will lead this discussion.  Bring your copy of the book, anything you have woven from the drafts in the book, craft paper, and pencil.


We have a Facebook (FB) page. The page has received many “likes” already. Lynn Morriseau will post for members. If you have anything you would like to post to the page, send it to Lynn’s email, and she will take care of it. 

Treasurer’s report by Gretchen White

WGRI has $7,570.53 in the checking account from June 1, 2018 to August 31, 2018.

$4,156.34 Encumbered Fund and  $3414.19 General Fund

 Total Funds Incoming were $1260.00 with Dues $1110.00 and BGH Book $150.

There were 37 members as of August 31, with 4 honorary and 33 paid.

Total Funds Outgoing were $20 for State of RI Filing.

Committee Reports

Educational Grants

Manon Pelletier discussed the availability of the educational grants to guild members.  She encouraged members to apply, especially with NEWS next summer. Visit the WGRI website to learn more about this topic.  In the drop-down menu at the top of the right hand side of the page, click on Organization– then click on WGRI Educational Grant.  This will display the Guidelines and Conditions page that explains the process.  This is a wonderful way to build upon one’s weaving knowledge, at the same time, being able to share the knowledge with fellow guild members.


Sally Rianhard had no report at this time.

Weavers Challenge 2018-2019

Margaret Moone presented her idea for this year’s challenge, continuing with a Beatles theme.This year we took part in weaving scarves “With a little help from our friends.”  I’m sure you recognized the quote from The Beatles, even if you weren’t around in the 1960’s.  This year we will continue with our Beatles and 1960’s theme.  

With a partner or alone we are encouraging everyone to participate. 

  • Can you weave a yellow submarine?  

  • What did you weave in the sixties?  

  • A name draft for Ringo?  

  • A design from a 1960’s Handwoven Magazine?

For our annual meeting, June 1, 2019, please complete a weaving project that reminds you of that period – weaving, photos, drafts, and hairy scarves! Be creative and surprise your friends.


Ginny Walsh and Anne Richardson are WGRI’s representatives to NEWS 2019.  NEWS will be held July 11-14, 2019 at Smith College, Northampton, MA.  WGRI is responsible for providing a woven sample for the NEWS 2019 FALL (2018) NEWSLETTER. The Guild will submit one small woven sample (3" x 3") with a description of the Summer and Winter design, its drawdown, and tie ups for inclusion in the NEWS Traveling Library. A copy of this sample description with a color photo will be published in the FALL 2018 NEWS Newsletter due in October/November 2018. The chosen sample is from a Summer and Winter project using 20/2 cotton pattern thread and 30/2 white cotton tabby partially finished by WGRI weavers some years ago.


There was no report on the WGRI Newsletter.


Mary Brunell and Janet Cooper demonstrated the new website at the end of the program.  They requested members send photos, news, other information to be posted on the website.  They reminded the members to open the headings by clicking on the three bars at the upper right corner of the opening page.

Community Outreach

Mary Brunell and Janet Cooper met with Alicia Skaggs, the art teacher from the Wakefield Middle School. The plan is to donate yarn to the class and lend looms for a project with WGRI members teaching the students with Alicia Skaggs.  There is a genuine enthusiasm for this collaboration with the school.   In the meantime, if members have any supplies that can be donated to the project or are available to help the students in the classroom, please contact Janet or Mary.  


Joy Beeson was appointed to this new committee position.  She encouraged members   to brainstorm for ideas.  Marketing and sales were suggested and ways to recruit young people and families into the weaving community.  

New Business

WGRI Yardage Challenge 2018-2019

 Janet Cooper announced the WGRI Yardage Challenge would be held this year.  She gave background information on the challenge.  In 2015, we held our first yardage challenge to encourage interest in weaving yardage that could result in future submissions to NEWS.

Yardage Challenge Entry Requirements 

1. The entrant must be a member of WGRI.

2. The yardage must be woven by the entrant.

3. Yardage submitted must have a finished minimum size of 12 inches by 2.5


4. The submission form must specify the end-use of the fabric, and the yardage

woven must be appropriate for this use.

5. The following information must be submitted with the yardage: draft/weaving

technique, yarn content.

6. The yardage must be clean and free of major errors.

7. Yardage must be submitted by the May meeting. The entrant, or her/his

representative must bring the yardage and associated paperwork to the


8. The yardage will be judged and returned at the annual meeting in June.

There are three categories for entrants 

1. Class I: 0 to 5 years weaving experience

2. Class II: non-professional weaver; more than 5 years experience

3. Class III: professional weaver, defined as a weaver who makes

money by any of the following: lecturing, teaching weaving, giving seminars and

workshops, selling woven items and/or weaving-related or fiber arts-related


Judging and Awards

 The judges will be three WGRI members appointed by the President. The

awards and prize money will be presented at the annual meeting in June. First

Prize and Honorable Mention will be awarded to each Class of Weaver:

First Prize: $100

Honorable Mention: $25

In addition, Judges Choice award:

Judges Choice First Prize: $100

Judges Choice Honorable Mention: $ 25.

There will be no duplicate awards, i.e, a weaver who is awarded a prize in

a Class of Weaver category is not eligible for the Judges Choice award, and a

weaver who is awarded a Judges Choice award is not eligible for a Class of

Weaver award.

New England Weavers Seminar (NEWS) Information

In planning for the yardage entries, weavers are encouraged to consider

entry requirements for NEWS. The NEWS Web site related to gallery entries is:





Norma Smayda suggested that a correction may be necessary in the write-up, as the challenge may require 3 yards rather than 2.5 yards.  Janet Cooper will confirm this.

WGRI Bylaws Proposed Revision

Vote to be taken at the October Meeting

Please review the proposed bylaws for 2018 (sent by email to

members). Thank you to Janet Cooper for taking the lead to draft these

bylaws. The WGRI Board reviewed and approved the proposed bylaws at our

August meeting. We will discuss the changes at our October meeting and vote

on new bylaws. There is a summary of the major changes and rationale to the

bylaws below.

Summary of WGRI Bylaws Proposed Changes


The 1995 and 2010 bylaws are on the website if you would like to look at

the past and current bylaws.

The WGRI Board looks forward to the discussion and vote on the bylaws

changes in October. Please try to attend that meeting so we will have a quorum.

Thank you. Mary Brunell, President, WGRI


Explanation of changes proposed to WGRI 2010 Bylaws (8/28/2018)

Proposed: Eliminate the apostrophe in guild name to Weavers (versus


Rationale: according to old stationery, the original guild name was Weavers

Guild of Rhode Island. At some point the apostrophe was added. Avoiding the

use of the apostrophe will eliminate confusion and return us to our original name.

Proposed: Grammatical and typographical corrections. The Oxford Commas

was employed in sentences with series. Words with hyphens were closed up.

Example: 501(c) (3) was replaced by 501(c)(3). Non - Profit was replace by Non-


Rationale: For consistency of style.

Proposed: Article III: Membership: Change to allow Honorary Members to

vote. Wording to prohibit Honorary Membership to vote was eliminated.

Rationale: Honorary Members should be allowed the benefit of voting.

Proposed: Article III: Membership: Change to permit only first-time members

joining after January 1 to pay one-half of the annual fee.

Rationale: The one-half fee for continuing members is eliminated for planning

and budgeting. It is equitable, however, for new members to pay one-half fee

after January 1.

Proposed: Article VII: Nominating Committee and Elections: Sub-paragraph

c. Wording requiring the proposed slate of officers to be announced in the

newsletter before the annual meeting has been changed. The change specifies

that the slate be announced at the monthly meeting prior to the annual meeting,

and announced electronically at minimum of two weeks prior to the annual


Rationale: Wording has been made more specificand eliminates the newsletter


Other Business

Sally Rianhard spoke with Dave Westcott. He let her know that he is looking forward to rejoining the WGRI meetings soon.  Our best wishes go to Dave during this time.

A motion was made, seconded, and passed to adjourn the business meeting at 10:10am. 


After a brief break, Kate Barber presented Breaking the Grid.  Every big turn in my path as a weaver began with the question “what if?” This question has inevitably followed by time in my studio playing, experimenting, and sampling. In this presentation I will talk about my evolution as a weaver and textile artist, and focus on my most recent work with woven and pleated textiles. I will talk about my creative process, the teachers who have influenced me, and what excites me. I hope my presentation will inspire others to tap into their own playful spirit to create work that is fresh and personally meaningful. Photos of her work are on the WGRI website.

September Show & Tell

Margaret Moone wove a name draft liturgical garment.  Joy Beeson and Linda Rhynard displayed their woven tapestries. Photos of the Show & Tell are on the WGRI Website.