WGRI Minutes June 2, 2018

Annual Meeting


Minutes by Joy Beeson

The Annual Meeting and Pot Luck luncheon was held at Mary Brunell's farm: Turkey Haven Farm in Pascoag, RI.

JANET COOPER brought the meeting to order at 11:30 a.m.


The new Web design is in the works. Janet Cooper, Mary Brunell, and Pam Rathmell are working on it. The new Web site is on square space. The site address remains the same: WGRI.org.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the meeting of May 5, 2018, were approved unanimously by  the membership.



Mary Brunell reported on the programs for next year. They are listed on the Web


Treasurer: Gretchen White reported that there is $6,624.53 in the bank, with $4,000 of it

designated to education, etc.

Newsletter: Lisa Geigen said there would be one more newsletter going out before she has completed her position.

NEWS: Linda Rhynard and Ginny Walsh gave an update on the NEWS meeting on May 5, 2018. Our guild will be responsible for hanging the instructors’ show. Linda Rhynard mentioned that we are looking for a second NEWS representative. According to the by-laws, the President appoints two members to two year terms.

Margaret Moore suggested that the guild's weavers' challenges could be used for the guild table at NEWS.


We established a quorum. We needed 16 members (25 percent of the membership) to vote for new officers.

There was a lovely recognition of the outgoing officer/committee heads: Janet Cooper, Joy Beeson, Lisa Geigen, Jenny Dean-Howes, Mary Brunell, & Pam Rathmell. Thank you and gifts were given. An award will be mailed to Pam Rathmell for 10 years of development and managing the web site.

The slate of new officers was voted in unanimously.

Many Brunell - President

Lynn Morriseau - Vice President

Liz Hill - Secretary

WEAVERS’ CHALLENGE FOR THIS YEAR: Margaret Moore and Sally Rianhard had everyone show the completed scarves. It was very interesting to see how weaving something that had been designed by another person stretched people’s mind. Wonderful colors and textures. The weavers had not known who designed the piece and it was not clear in each case. Some people kept their finished piece and others traded with someone. It was a successful challenge.


Lynn Morriseau showed a beautiful scarf of purple and teal, made of wool and tencel.

Jane Austin showed a miniature loom by Hockett, which she uses when she travels.

Paulette Ferland showed a lovely coverlet she made for her daughter’s wedding.

Meeting was adjourned.

We really enjoyed having the meeting at Mary Brunell’s farm in upstate Rhode Island. It was so generous of her to invite us. She has a beautiful place with many Nubian goats and their babies, as well as chickens, a big garden and a great house. The potluck after the meeting was spectacular. Weaver’s are good cooks! We had a wonderful time.

Noriko Crasso is having a baby this summer. So Sally Rianhard made a cake out of diapers for her. There were also some gifts for the baby. Noriko was so pleased.

See you in September.

Outgoing Secretary Joy Beeson