Weavers Challenge 2017-2018

        A scarf – with a little help from your friends

Coodinators:  Margaret Moone and Sally Rianhard


  • Design a draft and plan for a scarf on 4 or 8 shafts.

  • Bring or otherwise get it to the November meeting to secretly swap with another member.

  • Wind a three and a half yard warp to go with the draft for a width of 5-12 inches, to be sett based on fiber used.

  • Get it to the January or February meeting to secretly swap (with a little extra yarn for broken threads etc).

  • Weave the scarf. There should be about half a yard for sampling etc. You make up your own tie-up.

  • At the Annual Meeting in June, bring in your finished scarf and discover who helped you.

  • Please bring it along with its draft and: 3 extra copies of the draft with 3 small samples, if you have them. One for the two friends who helped you and one for a guild notebook.

  • We will toss a coin to see whether the weaver of the scarf or the designer of the warp goes home with the scarf.


  • 2 shaft drafts could be considered profile drafts or finger-manipulated weaves, to allow for tapestry weavers etc.

  • Threading draft could be e-mailed in.

  • A sample threading draft could be given with the directions

  • It would probably be necessary to define the draft (as twill, overshot, Bronson etc)