november program

November 2, 2019

 Location: North Kingstown Library

A Collapse Weave Practice

 Collapse weave is simple and complex at the same time. Collapse weave creates a cloth which draws-in in controlled ways, displaying a 3-dimensional effect. It often involves the sue of very simple structures. It is the materials used and the method of use, which is unusual.   We will discuss a variety of methods for producing collapse, and my practice with these methods. Many examples of samples, finished products, and materials will be on display.    

Deborah Kaplan branched into weaving 20 years ago from a background of handspinning and knitting. Her knowledge of materials informs her work. For a number foyers she has worked with collars weave and unusual materials such as copper, steel, under gummed silk, and horsehair to obtain open, gauzy, surprisingly effects. Most recently, she has been working with differential shrinkage for collapse. Thinking outside the box is a passion. Debbie’s work has been featured in SpinOff, Handwoven and the CW Journal,and has won awards at NEWS and Complex Weavers.