upcoming Sunday workshops at the Octagon

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April 7 1pm-5pm Origami Garments Intro and Planning $20.00

Sharon Northby helps you plan an origami top. Learn which fabrics works best and how to fit, cut and fold this unique garment. Sharon will have several tops to try on for style and size. 

April 14 9am-4pm Doubleweave Pick-up Design and Weaving $50.00

Jan Doyle shares her unique method of weaving Norwegian Paired Finnvav. Bring your pre-warped 4 or more shaft loom and create a small piece with your own design.

May 19 10am-4pm Thiox Discharge Printing $45.00

Create your own block for discharge printing on several pre dyed cloth squares. Cloth is pre-dyed by the instructor.

June 16 Noon-5pm Annual FRMX Warp Painting Day $20.00

The Octagon’s Annual Warp Painting Day! 

Bring your cellulose warps and creativity. All dyes and auxiliaries are included….pot luck munchies to share.

July 21 1pm-4pm Shibori Part 2 Indigo Dyeing of Samples $20.00

Bring your pre-stitched or binded cloth samples and watch the magic of the indigo dye bath

August 11 10am-5pm Creating Color Wheels FRMX Dyes $50.00

Create 2 color wheels with fiber reactive dyes. You will learn all the formulas needed to produce both with primaries only

September 15 Noon-5pm Annual Natural Dye Day $20.00

Master Dyer Ellen Stone will have her dyes pots going! Bring your warps or yarns to add to the pots. Indigo, Lichen, Golden Rod, etc…..

October 6 10am-4pm Origami Garment Part 2 Assembly $40.00

Sharon Northby teaches you how to assembly your origami top. Bring your fabric and sewing machine

October 20 10am-4pm Gradation Dyeing with FRMX Dyes $50.00

Learn how to do value runs and 2 color runs with fiber reactive dye

November 3 10am-4pm Weaving Baltic Sami Bands on 4 shafts $50.00

Jan Doyle will teach you how to create a beautiful two-sided band by converting a 4 harness twill pattern of our choice… need to bring a 4 harness loom