North Kingstown Library

May 4, 2019


Through a lecture and Power Point presentation, Manon will briefly discuss the history of weaving from the Quebec area, particularly the history of rag coverlets known as “Catalognes”.    She will cover topics such as the origins of the coverlets’ name to what fibers were used in warp and weft, and her own involvement in the making of these traditional coverlets as a child.  Manon will finish her talk by showing pictures of today’s weavers from Quebec who continue this special weaving tradition.   Her personal catalogne collection spanning three generations will be on display.

Manon Pelletier, a member of the Weavers’ Guild of Rhode Island, started weaving in 1999 at the Saunderstown Weaving School. But her love for weaving began long before.   Manon’s passion for all things handwoven started during her years as a child in her native Quebec home.  Most precious to her are the rag coverlets known as “Catalognes”, handwoven by family members and passed on from one generation to the next.  Although Manon mainly weaves cloth for garment construction, she plans to one day create her own catalogne continuing this rich family traditio