Norie Shirako demonstrates frozen origami

These pictures are from our delightful demonstration by Norie Shirako.  As the temperature outside was wickedly cold recently, Norie told us about the opportunity to use frozen cotton scarves to create origami items. Curious and amazed, we all encouraged her to demonstrate the next session at Norma’s studio.  Norie first wet the scarf, took them outside and shook for a few seconds as she held two corners, and it turned into a rigid sheet!  She then did her magic origami folding to create a crane (white) and then a hat (purple).  The process took minutes, thankfully in the freezing temps, although all of us watching stayed inside to view through windows.  Thank you, Norie, for sharing your imagination and talent with us!  It was amazing and great fun!

-photos and text by Polly Alfonso, student at the Saunderstown Weaving School

February 2019