Weavers Challenge 2018-2019

Margaret Moone and Sally Rianhard

WGRI Challenge Coordinators


This year we took part in weaving scarves “With a little help from our friends.”  I’m sure you recognized the quote from The Beatles, even if you weren’t around in the 1960’s.  This year we will continue with our Beatles and 1960’s theme.  

With a partner or alone we are encouraging everyone to participate. 

  • Can you weave a yellow submarine?

  • What did you weave in the sixties?

  • A name draft for Ringo?

  • A design from a 1960’s Handwoven Magazine?

For our annual meeting, June 1, 2019, please complete a weaving project that reminds you of that period – weaving, photos, drafts, hairy scarves! Be creative and surprise your friends!

The school uniform hat I wore in the sixties is now in a museum…