WGRI Challenge 2019-2020


Coordinators:  Sally Rianhard and Margaret Moone


The weaving challenge for this year is to be creative and find inspiration with a picture from the book “Red Sings From Treetops:  A Year in Colors”  by Joyce Sidman. Pictures from the book will be provided for members to choose at the September meeting. You can weave whatever you choose.  Any weave patterns, embellishment, paint, dye, felt, various yarns and textures can be used to create what you think catches the feeling of the picture for you.  

The words on the page might be the inspiration along with the picture.  You might decide to choose a different page from the various seasons and put them together and see what happens.  Interpretation of the picture through weaving, surface design, and color are possible.


**There are also around 40 copies of the book available through the RI libraries for loan, if you want to use the whole book to review for your project.