Wgri Community Outreach

Wickford Middle School

On November 21 and December 5, 2018, WGRI worked with middle school art teacher, Alicia Skaggs to weave with her students. The guild members donated fibers and loaned looms. Table looms were loaned for use by WGRI, Claire Wanabo, and Sally Rianhard. Inkle loom loaned by Janet Cooper. Rigid Heddle loom loaned by Judy Tysmans. Tablet looms were loaned by Joy Beeson.

Janet Cooper coordinated the program with volunteer members Liz Hill, Janet Cooper, Judy Tysmans, and Mary Brunell. The students moved from station to station to experience the different types of looms. Ms Skaggs assigned them to groups called the Warps, the Wefts, the Fibers, and the Looms. It was an enjoyable session for the students. One student said, “I am going to ask my parents for weaving supplies for Christmas! Another student asked her shop teacher if she could make a tablet loom. He had her measure and draw the loom to bring to his class.