Yardage challenge 2018-2019



     In 2015, a guild member donated money to the guild to be used to encourage interest in weaving yardage that could result in future submissions to NEWS. Therefore, the competition called the Yardage Challenge was created. 

Yardage Challenge Entry Requirements

  1. The entrant must be a member of WGRI.

  2. The yardage must be woven by the entrant.

  3. Yardage submitted must have a finished minimum size of 12 inches by 3 yards.

  4. The submission form must specify the end-use of the fabric, and the yardage woven must be appropriate for this use.

  5. The following information must be submitted with the yardage: draft/weaving technique, yarn content.

  6. The yardage must be clean and free of major errors.

  7. Yardage must be submitted by the May meeting. The entrant, or her/his representative must bring the yardage and associated paperwork to the meeting.

  8. The yardage will be judged and returned at the annual meeting in June.

There are three categories for entrants

    1.    Class I : 0 to 5 years weaving experience

    2.    Class II: non-professional weaver; more than 5 years experience

    3.    Class III: professional weaver, defined as a weaver who makes money by any of the following: lecturing, teaching weaving, giving  seminars and workshops, selling woven items and/or weaving-related or fiber arts-related publications.

Judging and Awards

    The judge will be appointed by the President. The awards and prize money will be presented at the annual meeting in June. First Prize and Honorable Mention will be awarded to each Class of Weaver:

    First Prize: $100

    Honorable Mention: $25    

    In addition, Judges Choice award:

    Judges Choice First Prize: $100

    Judges Choice Honorable Mention: $ 25. 

    There will be no duplicate awards, i.e, a weaver who is awarded a prize in a Class of Weaver category is not eligible for the Judges Choice award, and a weaver who is awarded a Judges Choice award is not eligible for a Class of Weaver award.

New England Weavers Seminar (NEWS) Information

    In planning for the yardage entries, weavers are encouraged to consider entry requirements for NEWS. The NEWS Web site related to gallery entries is: http://newenglandweaversseminar.com/news-2017-conference-information/news-exhibits/gallery-and-fashion-information/entry-requirements-for-2017-fashion-and-gallery-shows/

    For more information, contact WGRI President.

original 10/20/18

revised 5-3-19